Core C - Immune Monitoring

Gregory Sempowski, PhD - Core Director

The Immune Monitoring Core for RadCCORE is comprised of technologies and services offered by two service laboratories within the Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI):  the Flow Cytometry Facility and the Immune Reconstitution and Biomarker Facility.  In this competitive renewal (y6-10) we have focused the scope of Core offerings based on project utilization and future needs.  The Immune Monitoring Core (Core C) will centrally provide RadCCORE investigators with high quality, state-of-the-art cell sorting, multiplex cytokine/chemokine assays, and T cell receptor gene expression analysis for their basic and applied research efforts.  In addition to providing these services, the Core will be instrumental in developing new methodologies and making them available to RadCCORE Investigators.  Administrative oversight for the Core will institute a charge-back mechanism for services provided in excess of budget to remain revenue neutral and financially compliant.  In addition, the Core will utilize our innovative FacMan-Facility Manager web application created by the Duke Human Vaccine Institute to schedule/request core work, maintain accurate and compliant records of uses and projects, and invoice for services rendered.

Aims of the Immune Monitoring Core are to:
1)   Provide state-of-the-art, multi-color, fluorescence activated cell sorting support for basic or translational research conducted by Duke RadCCORE investigators.  This includes high-speed sorting on our 8-color BD FACSVantage SE and 13-color BD FACSAria.  Protocols are available for surface and intracellular marker analysis of mouse, rat, human and non-human primate cells. 
2)   Provide targeted multiplex protein array profiling of biological samples, such as tissue culture supernatant, serum/plasma, and lung lavage fluid, using our BioPlex bead array reader (BioRad).  This instrumentation and Luminex bead technology has the capability of simultaneously quantifying up to 100 distinct analytes (e.g. cytokines, chemokines, hormones, signaling transduction proteins) in a single 50ul sample.  Reagents and protocol are maintained in the Core for analysis of mouse, rat, pig, human and non-human primate samples.
3)   Provide T cell immune reconstitution monitoring in mice, humans and non-human primates.  Specific assays include T cell receptor excision circle quantification on our real-time Optical I-Cycler (BioRad), and repertoire analysis of peripheral T cell receptor beta variable gene utilization. 
By working in collaboration with the RadCCORE scientific program user base we will develop and optimize their specific assays and more effectively utilize the state-of-the-art instrumentation offered by the Immune Monitoring Core.  Critical to all three aims is a commitment to training and ongoing development of new assays to anticipate and meet the future needs of the RadCCORE investigators.


Investigators should contact the Core Director via email to request services or more information.
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